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A banner day

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Yesterday was a banner day. This blog received not one, but TWO pieces of comment spam, its very first. Isn’t that exciting? I figure this is akin a housewarming, as when one finds those first leaflets for maid services or tree trimming on the doorstep after moving into a house. It’s a sign that you’ve arrived and you’re well on the way to settling in.

This is a real blog now. The spammers say so.

Adventure is out there!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

I have edited the foo out of the template for this blog, so as to make it mesh with the rest of this site. I am probably going to have to “live” with it for awhile to see what else, if anything, I wish to change. In the meantime, if others find the layout confusing or unclear, please speak up.

Here is a gratuitous graphic so as to test the image upload end of things:

A sophomoric image from my early days of image editing.

I do love my gratuitous images! This one is called “MonaStein” for reasons which are probably evident. It’s a rather sophomoric image from early in my days of experimenting with Photoshop.