Sightlines and Tom Petty

Here are a couple of videos which have tickled my synapses. What’s the connection between them? Nothing. Everything. Who knows? Give me an hour or two and I’ll make up some plausible-sounding lies.

The first features the president of SAQA, an organization dear to my heart, interviewing a few of the artists who created works for the traveling Sightlines exhibit. As the name Sightlines implies, the works are all linked by a “sightline.” They’re wonderful on camera and in print, and are bound to be more impressive in person. I hope I can travel to one of the venues or get my hot little hands on a catalog. Here is a list of the venues.

This film is also remarkable because it shows that elusive creature, the Kathy Nida. Ms. Nida has long seemed similar to Santa Claus in that she sprinkles wonderful things down on exhibits and then disappears into the night, unseen. It is a relief to discover that, unlike, Santa, she actually does exist.

On a completely different note, the following film shows Tom Petty being creepy. Mr. Petty does creepy well, I think. I find the video fascinating, but some will find it offensive. If you think you might fall into the latter category, please don’t watch it.

The character of Alice is played by one Wish Foley. I’d love to know whether this was her professional or her birth name, and whether there’s a story behind it.

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  1. Ann Thomas says:

    Wish Foley’s real name is Louise: