IQA Silent Auction

This piece, Paisleyfish II, is my contribution to the International Quilt Association’s silent auction, held at the International Quilt Festival this week in Houston.


It has about the same dimensions as the side of a ten gallon aquarium. My original thought was to create a piece which would give a feeling similar to having a somewhat strange aquarium at hand, without having to remember to feed the residents, clean filters, or deal with aggressive splashing from the fish.


The fish are extravagant paisley-shaped creatures, thus the name of the piece. As a child I wore some really grotesque hand-me-downs which dated from the 1960s. Some of them featured paisley; I became convinced, perhaps irrationally, that they were fish in disguise.

The contours of these paisleys are based on the Paisley and Paisley II fonts created by the House of Lime.


Here is a “No Fishing” sign, a ubiquitous kitschy touch in real life aquaria.

Although this donation piece may appear deceptively simple, between design time, painting, and stitching, it used up three months of discretionary time. While I would like to continue to use my work to help support organizations which I believe in, I probably won’t be creating quite as many donation pieces in the future. For those who’ve wanted to acquire a piece of my work and would like to support a worthwhile organization as well, this is a good opportunity.

One Response to “IQA Silent Auction”

  1. Linda Steele says:

    I love it, I wish that I had have been there, I would have tried to buy it for sure.