Cutting Edge Art Quilts


The word on the street is that Cutting Edge Art Quilts is about to ship. I’m one of the 51 artists featured in the book; I can’t wait to see it.

There have been many, many books published on the topic of art quilts. Galleries of photos, how-to books, the occasional monograph on one particular person’s work. This book is going to be a tad different in that it will include photos, but it will be more about the story and process behind some of the works than a flip-through gallery.

My own story arc – at least, as I submitted the information – is about my first, tentative explorations of portraiture, culminating in the wild good luck of having my first color portrait curated into Quilt National, the first time I ever submitted work to that exhibition. I hope people will find it interesting and be inspired to follow their passion.

Cutting Edge Art Quilts can be purchased either via Amazon or through the website of its author, Mary Kerr.

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