IQA Silent Auction: Balancing Act

Balancing Act
13 1/2″ wide x 20″ tall, rendered in ink on cotton, with mid-century modern inspired stitching.

This is my donation to the IQA Mini Quilt Silent Auction, which takes place at IQF Houston later this week.

Given that the east coast of the United States is about to be thoroughly pounded by Hurricane Sandy, I’m feeling rather serious and a bit less focussed on touting my own work than I might otherwise be. However, IQF Houston starts this Thursday, so it’s high time I posted it in case bidders are interested in its back story.

Balancing Act is the first of 5-6 pieces in my new Domestic Mayhem series. Some may recognize the protagonist figure as my multi-armed Domestic Goddess, whose design was inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali.

Even though she has six arms, she’s still struggling to keep all of the aspects of her life in balance, much like a plate spinner in a circus: relationships, motherhood, career, housework. Meanwhile, things around her are thoroughly descending into chaos, thwarting her efforts to keep that balance. Phones are jangling, dogs are barking, toilets are erupting. The baby is wailing piteously and a coffee cup has fallen, spewing its contents across the floor.

The Domestic Goddess is doing a valiant job of trying to keep everything in balance, and we know that she’ll continue to try to do so. However, sometimes even six arms aren’t enough!

2 Responses to “IQA Silent Auction: Balancing Act”

  1. Stevii says:

    Love this quilt…. I have already put a bid on it!

  2. Sheila says:

    Very very cool Tanya! I love it!