Paths for the Auction

SAQA’s benefit auction begins Monday, September 10. This is my contribution, Paths.

Paths is a metaphor for life, in particular my life. There are many paths we can travel through life. Some are straight and clear, with well defined beginnings and destinations:

Others meander pleasantly, or take off in odd directions:

When I was young, there was a boyfriend. I loved him. I was pressured to not date him. Harsh, cruel things were said about both me and his character. Nasty accusations were hurled.

In the end, I dumped him in a rather cruel fashion. I spent years regretting it and following dysfunctional, unhealthy paths. Nineteen years later, I finally got up the guts to contact him and apologize.

It was as though our friendship had never ended. This hibiscus was in front of the place we met after all of those years. We’ve been back together over ten years now. Some paths lead to good places, if we have the guts and wits to follow them.

I wish I’d had the guts to follow my own path from the very beginning.

Paths and pieces from many other artists can be perused immediately and bid on at SAQA’s website, starting Monday September 10.

3 Responses to “Paths for the Auction”

  1. Catsmum says:

    Beautiful piece Tanya. Even more beautiful knowing the thoughts behind it. Wish I could afford to bid.

  2. Isabelle says:

    Stunning. And if I may be permitted to say – yeah for love.

  3. sonja says:

    A wonderful hibiscus path of life unwinding in time!